Check out my short film, “The Story of Us”!!!!!!

Check out my short film, “The Story of Us” I entered in the Campus Movie Festival! Trying to win the Wild Card award and every view counts:) THANK YOU! Happy Wednesday!!


Save A Soul, Save The World


They tell her she’s too fat
Now she’s so skinny there’s nothing to look at
They tell him he’s “weird”
Well, now he has disappeared

The bullying needs to stop before it gets out of hand
Bullied victims need to learn how to be strong and take a stand
One person can make a difference and save a soul today
And tomorrow millions can save the world and protect kids from foul play

Check out’s new video ❤

Let’s reduce the statistics of bullying together…



Anti- Bullying Campaign 2012

I’m starting an anti-bullying campaign ‘cause I can’t hear about any more lost lives
Sick of America’s youth slitting their wrists with scissors and knives
No one has the right to belittle another being
If we don’t act on this now, are you picturing the future that I’m foreseeing?

We only have one shot at life
Why spend it miserable or sad?
Why spend it all in strife?
Why not spend it lively and glad?

No house ever built itself
So everyone join in
If we handle this epidemic brick by brick
Maybe kids will feel a sense of confidence, a sense of hope, let’s make this a race they can win

Please watch the video I have provided so that you can see where I’m coming from
Let’s join together to change the world and let kids that they are not scum

-Alexandria Rose 01/31/2012

Mothers Know Best


Mothers know best because they’ve been around longer than you
Mothers know best because they are the only ones that care about you
Mothers know best because they don’t want to see you get hurt
Mothers know best because they are always alert

Mothers know best because they have part of your DNA
Mothers know best because they always know what to say
Mothers know best no matter if it is night or day
Mother’s know best, so always obey

Mothers know best when you’re heartbroken in tears
Mothers know best when you don’t know in which direction to steer
Mothers know best when you don’t know where to begin
Mothers know best like a sister knows her twin

Listen when your mother ask you to clean your room
Listen to your mother because she carried you for nine months in her womb
Listen to your mother even if you don’t think she is right
Listen to your mother and your future will be bright
Mothers know best, that is something that will always be true
Mothers know best because  they love you ❤

-Alexandria Rose 01/21/2012